3:30 pm DJ (Justin) Shinariya
DJ Shinariya, the Taiwanese American young artist, is going to bring his remix of nostalgic Mando Pop and groovy beat.
4:00 pm Boston You & Me
"Boston You & Me," a celebrated Taiwanese band that has been active in the Greater Boston area for years, will electrify the audience with their rendition of catchy Mandarin pop tunes.
4:50 pm Jenny Fan
The festival's lineup is further enriched by the talents of Jenny Fan, a young artist recognized for her distinctive electronic rhythm and blues style. With an exceptional array of original compositions and adaptations of American pop hits, Jenny Fan's performance promises to be a highlight of the event.
5:30 pm JC Alula
A crescendo of genres awaits as JC Alula, a versatile musician hailing from Taipei, Taiwan, and Berklee College of Music alumna, takes to the stage. From jazz to Mandarin pop, rock, soul, Latin, and R&B, JC Alula's dynamic range will offer the audience a musical journey like no other. Her belief that "Music is a language to connect souls" underscores her commitment to forging connections through her performance.
6:20 pm Jay Chou Tribute
The festival's grand finale promises to be a resounding crescendo as musicians from the Berklee College of Music come together to present "Fantasy Wave ()," Jay Chou () has been a phenomenon in Asia for decades. Performing a masterful series of adaptations of Jay Chou's classics will provide the Boston Taiwanese community with an unforgettable dose of cherished Mandarin hits.